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Advertisement (4)

czwartek, 15 sierpień 2013 09:11

50% w prezencie dla Ciebie


Z okazji zakończenia (pierwszego od lat) lata w Galway postanowiliśmy zrobić coś nietypowego i zakończyć sezon z hukiem dając Tobie i Twojej firmie COŚ EXTRA.

Zanim wspólnie wejdziemy w jesienną depresję na kolejne 17 miesięcy – uśmiechnij się i wykorzystaj 50% zniżki na reklamę w

Oferta dostępna jest na każdą reklamę wykupioną przez Ciebie w sierpniu i obejmuje cały koszt reklamy – jeśli zamówisz na pół roku, zniżkę otrzymasz na całość kwoty zamówienia!

wtorek, 01 styczeń 2013 23:08

Why should I advertise on


Would you like 3000 more people to hear about your company EVERY DAY? How would you like to have your ad displayed over a QUARTER MILLION times EACH MONTH? Would you like to have all that FOR FREE*?

If you answered YES to the above questions - read on...

Since European Union's expansion in 2004 as many as 11000 immigrants, from Poland alone, made Galway their new home.

That's 11000 people that came here in search of a better life.

11000 people that came here to work, earn more money and improve their quality of life here - IN GALWAY.

That's 11000 of highly motivated people that came here to work. 11000 of working, potential customers that unlike the Irish ones - are all easy to reach via ONE advertising channel. Can you afford to give such a group a miss?


Just imagine that you are placing ONE AD that will cost you LESS THAN A DAILY PAPER and that ad is seen 250.000 times EACH MONTH! Imagine 3000 Polish customers seeing your ad in their own language EVERY DAY! That's a 3000 that might otherwise never hear of you, or your company, at all!

Ireland is a place where a lot of people still look for deals in newspapers - and so is Poland. But not the 11000 Poles that came here since 2004. Their only way to keep in touch with their families and friends back in Poland is INTERNET. Most of them visit Polish websites DAILY.

Just imagine being able to advertise in a place like that. A place that is a little bit of home away from home for those visiting it. is the single LARGEST website for the Polish community in Galway and increasingly so - in other Irish counties as well.

Advertise on now and get:

- A FREE BANNER - and we will help you with all translations FOR FREE

- multiple spots to choose from - to suit the particular type of ad/business

- flexibility - change banner or text ad WHENEVER YOU NEED TO

- create and add your discount coupons - another great way to attract business and build loyalty

- RISK FREE advertising - with prices starting from €50/month you can try before you commit


*(ok it's not free, but as far as the advertising goes this is the next, best thing) Place your first order now.

niedziela, 03 październik 2010 00:00

About us

Napisane przez

Our website was designed to support Polish people living in Ireland - especially in Galway, by sharing with them (in their native language) information about local areas, news, events, and much more.

The website has sections, such us:

  • Local news – updated daily with the most recent and important breaking news in the area.
  • Classifieds section (polish: ‘ogłoszenia’) - here every registered member can buy, sell, place a job offer or even offer an empty seat in his car on the way to airport.
  • Forum section - is a great place for our community to exchange ideas, thoughts, information and discuss politics and current affairs.
  • Local maps - with the most recommended places to visit, government buildings, local businesses and many other places of interest.
  • Transport guide and map – explains how to use community transport in local area and Ireland
  • Entertainment section - gives up to date information about what happens and what is going to happen in the area.
  • Company listing section - list of local businesses with an option to add your own.

Every day we are expanding all our sections to provide users with more and more up to date information. To be closer to our society we work closely with various Polish initiatives in Ireland, such as Polish Schools and Many others. Any of their news, events and initiatives are supported and advertised by us.

All of the sections are free, but for those who would like to promote their own businesses we prepared options for premium - paid, advertising space.

The history of our website begun in 2005 when the first website for Polish community in county Galway was created. Eventually it evolved into and proved to be a great success.

On the 1st July 2010 it passed the invisible barrier of 1000 unique visitors in one day. By the end of 2012 every day up to 3000 unique visitors were visiting that one, single website! Every month we have well over 200,000 visits!

Based on Irish CENSUS 2011, there is more than 105’000 Poles living in Ireland which shows that we reach out to a very large percentage of Polish community living in Ireland.

If you would like to advertise on don't hesitate to contact us or simply place your order now.